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gene_id species strand chr type
CM00024G01070 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00024 coding
CM00007G05140 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00007 coding
CM00030G01020 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00030 coding
CM00008G02770 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00008 coding
CM00051G02400 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00051 coding
CM00014G02110 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00014 coding
CM00034G00870 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00034 coding
CM00001G08540 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00001 coding
CM00031G00970 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00031 coding
CM00021G02140 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00021 coding
CM00006G06030 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00006 coding
CM00025G03350 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00025 coding
CM00002G01830 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00002 coding
CM00039G01010 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00039 coding
CM00016G01760 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00016 coding
CM00018G01350 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00018 coding
CM00039G00430 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00039 coding
CM00001G00810 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00001 coding
CM00003G03340 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00003 coding
CM01598G00320 cme - CM3.5_scaffold01598 coding

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