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gene_id species strand chr type
BR09G35770 bra - A09 coding
BR08G04920 bra - A08 coding
BR08G26980 bra + A08 coding
BV0G46420 bvu + 0021.scaffold00073 coding
BV5G15470 bvu + Bvchr5.sca025 coding
BV5G00700 bvu + Bvchr5.sca022 coding
BV5G09820 bvu + Bvchr5.sca002 coding
BV5G09830 bvu + Bvchr5.sca002 coding
BV5G09810 bvu + Bvchr5.sca002 coding
BV2G12680 bvu + Bvchr2.sca018 coding
BV1G06050 bvu + Bvchr1.sca001 coding
BV0G66880 bvu - Bvchr1_un.sca002 coding
BV0G51160 bvu - 0075.scaffold00261 coding
BV0G51170 bvu - 0075.scaffold00261 coding
BV0G51180 bvu + 0075.scaffold00261 coding
BV5G22880 bvu + Bvchr5.sca004 coding
BV0G81670 bvu + 0131.scaffold00402 coding
BV0G42630 bvu - Bvchr4_un.sca004 coding
BV0G05010 bvu + Bvchr6_un.sca002 coding
BV2G17640 bvu - Bvchr2.sca004 coding

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