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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00153G00420 atr - scaffold00153 coding
ATR_00076G00180 atr + scaffold00076 coding
ATR_00013G01060 atr - scaffold00013 coding
ATR_00003G01030 atr - scaffold00003 coding
ATR_00060G00070 atr - scaffold00060 coding
ATR_00029G04050 atr - scaffold00029 coding
ATR_00131G00840 atr - scaffold00131 coding
ATR_00009G04200 atr + scaffold00009 coding
ATR_00045G00570 atr + scaffold00045 coding
ATR_00045G00580 atr + scaffold00045 coding
ATR_00045G00560 atr - scaffold00045 coding
ATR_00045G00550 atr - scaffold00045 coding
ATR_00099G01230 atr - scaffold00099 coding
ATR_00010G03070 atr + scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00017G00710 atr - scaffold00017 coding
ATR_00022G00980 atr - scaffold00022 coding
ATR_00175G00130 atr + scaffold00175 coding
ATR_00006G01520 atr - scaffold00006 coding
ATR_00010G05000 atr - scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00088G01200 atr - scaffold00088 coding

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