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gene_id species strand chr type
AL6G36630 aly + scaffold_6 coding
AT4G04780 ath + 4 coding
ATR_00062G01470 atr + scaffold00062 coding
BR06G28330 bra - A06 coding
BR09G24040 bra - A09 coding
BR05G15210 bra + A05 coding
BV0G14660 bvu - Bvchr8_un.sca003 coding
CL02G24430 cla - Chr2 coding
CM00022G05600 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00022 coding
CP00198G00460 cpa - supercontig_198 coding
CR06G08690 cre + chromosome_6 coding
CRU_006G31480 cru + scaffold_6 coding
CS00010G01130 csi + scaffold00010 coding
EG0007G15260 egr + scaffold_7 coding
FV3G18860 fve + LG3 coding
FV4G19230 fve - LG4 coding
GM10G41060 gma - Gm10 coding
GM20G26210 gma + Gm20 coding
GR06G11700 gra - Chr06 coding
GR10G17980 gra - Chr10 coding

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