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gene_id species strand chr type
CR12G15520 cre - chromosome_12 coding
CR09G01040 cre - chromosome_9 coding
CR14G00920 cre + chromosome_14 coding
CR12G01650 cre + chromosome_12 coding
CRU_007G12430 cru + scaffold_7 coding
CRU_004G22240 cru - scaffold_4 coding
CRU_003G33180 cru - scaffold_3 coding
CRU_005G00610 cru - scaffold_5 coding
CRU_002G09020 cru + scaffold_2 coding
CRU_011G00020 cru - scaffold_11 coding
CRU_006G17680 cru - scaffold_6 coding
CRU_004G16750 cru + scaffold_4 coding
CRU_008G24340 cru + scaffold_8 coding
CRU_012G00090 cru + scaffold_12 coding
CRU_007G10540 cru - scaffold_7 coding
CRU_135G00030 cru - scaffold_135 coding
CRU_006G14030 cru - scaffold_6 coding
CRU_001G23990 cru - scaffold_1 coding
CRU_013G00090 cru - scaffold_13 coding
CRU_001G22820 cru + scaffold_1 coding

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