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gene_id species strand chr type
AL1G16960 aly + scaffold_1 coding
AL1G35020 aly + scaffold_1 coding
AL7G32330 aly - scaffold_7 coding
AL7G32320 aly - scaffold_7 coding
AL6G21560 aly - scaffold_6 coding
AL6G19270 aly + scaffold_6 coding
AL4G03010 aly + scaffold_4 coding
AL1G37800 aly - scaffold_1 coding
AL6G13060 aly + scaffold_6 coding
AL2G17080 aly + scaffold_2 coding
AL6G17300 aly - scaffold_6 coding
AL3G25830 aly + scaffold_3 coding
AL3G25840 aly - scaffold_3 coding
AL3G25850 aly + scaffold_3 coding
AL5G04420 aly + scaffold_5 coding
AL4G07280 aly + scaffold_4 coding
AL8G26350 aly + scaffold_8 coding
AL2G24420 aly + scaffold_2 coding
AL2G02310 aly - scaffold_2 coding
AL2G02320 aly + scaffold_2 coding

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