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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00036G01500 ppa + scaffold_36 coding
PP00098G00190 ppa - scaffold_98 coding
PP00081G00950 ppa + scaffold_81 coding
PP00083G00110 ppa - scaffold_83 coding
PP00022G00420 ppa + scaffold_22 coding
PP00068G00230 ppa - scaffold_68 coding
PP00039G01880 ppa - scaffold_39 coding
PP00326G00050 ppa + scaffold_326 coding
PP00022G02120 ppa + scaffold_22 coding
PP00199G00290 ppa + scaffold_199 coding
PPE_007G20940 ppe - scaffold_7 coding
PPE_006G23300 ppe + scaffold_6 coding
PPE_002G30060 ppe - scaffold_2 coding
PPE_005G02110 ppe - scaffold_5 coding
PPE_006G32820 ppe - scaffold_6 coding
PPE_007G22190 ppe - scaffold_7 coding
PT01G45530 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT01G13020 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT11G14670 ptr - Chr11 coding
PT05G02690 ptr - Chr05 coding

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