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gene_id species strand chr type
ST03G012980 stu + chr03 coding
TC0009G07600 tca - scaffold_9 coding
TC0005G30870 tca + scaffold_5 coding
TC0008G08820 tca + scaffold_8 coding
TC0003G31910 tca - scaffold_3 coding
TC0001G06600 tca - scaffold_1 coding
TC0003G20220 tca - scaffold_3 coding
TC0001G00050 tca + scaffold_1 coding
TP2G30770 tpa + ch2-4 coding
TP1G27510 tpa - ch1-1 coding
TP7G22210 tpa - ch7-4 coding
TP3G04280 tpa + ch3-1 coding
TP6G15600 tpa + ch6-6 coding
TP2G20790 tpa + ch2-4 coding
TP7G25740 tpa + ch7-4 coding
VV14G08600 vvi - chr14 coding
VV18G06180 vvi + chr18 coding
VV02G08980 vvi + chr2 coding
VV11G02760 vvi - chr11 coding
VV07G00420 vvi + chr7 coding

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