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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00061G02060 atr - scaffold00061 coding
ATR_00021G00520 atr - scaffold00021 coding
ATR_03052G00010 atr + scaffold03052 coding
ATR_00069G02000 atr - scaffold00069 coding
ATR_00060G01500 atr - scaffold00060 coding
ATR_00011G01790 atr - scaffold00011 coding
ATR_00004G01600 atr + scaffold00004 coding
ATR_00068G01130 atr + scaffold00068 coding
ATR_00063G00560 atr - scaffold00063 coding
ATR_00056G00820 atr + scaffold00056 coding
BR03G39130 bra - A03 coding
BR05G06370 bra + A05 coding
BR05G06390 bra + A05 coding
BR07G21440 bra + A07 coding
BR01G17660 bra - A01 coding
BR09G47520 bra + A09 coding
BR03G23170 bra - A03 coding
BR10G15480 bra + A10 coding
BR06G02380 bra + A06 coding
BR07G12870 bra + A07 coding

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