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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00069G01980 atr - scaffold00069 coding
ATR_00069G01990 atr - scaffold00069 coding
ATR_00057G02670 atr + scaffold00057 coding
ATR_00040G01780 atr + scaffold00040 coding
ATR_02407G00010 atr - scaffold02407 coding
ATR_00171G00090 atr + scaffold00171 coding
ATR_00039G02000 atr - scaffold00039 coding
ATR_00039G02010 atr - scaffold00039 coding
ATR_00046G01640 atr - scaffold00046 coding
ATR_00107G00010 atr + scaffold00107 coding
ATR_00122G00530 atr - scaffold00122 coding
ATR_00122G00550 atr - scaffold00122 coding
ATR_00122G00520 atr - scaffold00122 coding
ATR_00012G01720 atr - scaffold00012 coding
ATR_00105G00230 atr + scaffold00105 coding
ATR_00088G00140 atr - scaffold00088 coding
ATR_00031G01120 atr - scaffold00031 coding
ATR_01072G00010 atr + scaffold01072 coding
ATR_00024G00180 atr + scaffold00024 coding
ATR_01903G00010 atr - scaffold01903 coding

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