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gene_id species strand chr type
AL1G03300 aly + scaffold_1 coding
AL2G25600 aly - scaffold_2 coding
AL6G04260 aly - scaffold_6 coding
AL5G19850 aly + scaffold_5 coding
AL1G08720 aly + scaffold_1 coding
AL6G08580 aly - scaffold_6 coding
AL3G29410 aly - scaffold_3 coding
AL7G17030 aly + scaffold_7 coding
AL3G02220 aly + scaffold_3 coding
AL6G12460 aly - scaffold_6 coding
AL8G09160 aly + scaffold_8 coding
AL8G34470 aly + scaffold_8 coding
AL3G22110 aly - scaffold_3 coding
AL1G43820 aly + scaffold_1 coding
AL5G30400 aly - scaffold_5 coding
AL4G30730 aly - scaffold_4 coding
AL3G08590 aly - scaffold_3 coding
AL1G25070 aly - scaffold_1 coding
AL6G37980 aly - scaffold_6 coding
AL3G22230 aly + scaffold_3 coding

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