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gene_id species strand chr type
FV1G13410 fve + LG1 coding
FV0G08880 fve + scf0513158 coding
GM19G27660 gma - Gm19 coding
GM16G05240 gma + Gm16 coding
GM04G37790 gma - Gm04 coding
GM16G23600 gma + Gm16 coding
GM02G05240 gma - Gm02 coding
GM06G17270 gma + Gm06 coding
GM01G36980 gma - Gm01 coding
GM19G01890 gma - Gm19 coding
GM13G04761 gma - Gm13 coding
GR01G25860 gra + Chr01 coding
GR03G11660 gra - Chr03 coding
GR12G08270 gra + Chr12 coding
GR03G00860 gra - Chr03 coding
GR06G00030 gra + Chr06 coding
GR06G02750 gra + Chr06 coding
LJ1G052460 lja - chr1 coding
LJ1G052420 lja - chr1 coding
LJ2G016200 lja - chr2 coding

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