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gene_id species strand chr type
CS00017G01330 csi + scaffold00017 coding
CS00028G00820 csi + scaffold00028 coding
CS00497G00100 csi - scaffold00497 coding
CS00497G00080 csi - scaffold00497 coding
EG0009G13240 egr + scaffold_9 coding
EG0011G18140 egr + scaffold_11 coding
EG0010G21300 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0007G14450 egr + scaffold_7 coding
EG0010G21250 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0010G21260 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0010G21290 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0010G21270 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0010G21280 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0253G00010 egr - scaffold_253 coding
EG0253G00020 egr - scaffold_253 coding
EG0010G18800 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0007G11570 egr - scaffold_7 coding
FV0G37970 fve + scf0513124 coding
FV6G51880 fve - LG6 coding
FV1G13450 fve - LG1 coding

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