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gene_id species strand chr type
BR10G11830 bra + A10 coding
BR02G38790 bra + A02 coding
BR07G16910 bra - A07 coding
BR02G34250 bra + A02 coding
BR02G03200 bra - A02 coding
BR06G35690 bra + A06 coding
BR06G21800 bra + A06 coding
BR02G26370 bra + A02 coding
BR08G02180 bra - A08 coding
BR06G31470 bra - A06 coding
BV9G20160 bvu - Bvchr9.sca026 coding
BV6G18800 bvu - Bvchr6.sca014 coding
BV9G12000 bvu - Bvchr9.sca013 coding
BV5G00860 bvu + Bvchr5.sca022 coding
BV2G08810 bvu + Bvchr2.sca001 coding
BV2G07780 bvu - Bvchr2.sca001 coding
BV0G22520 bvu - 0325.scaffold00810 coding
BV8G03460 bvu - Bvchr8.sca018 coding
BV6G02670 bvu + Bvchr6.sca028 coding
BV0G00330 bvu + Bvchr4_un.sca006 coding

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