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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00052G00330 atr + scaffold00052 coding
ATR_00018G00470 atr + scaffold00018 coding
ATR_00001G04900 atr - scaffold00001 coding
ATR_00007G01750 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00092G00810 atr - scaffold00092 coding
ATR_00010G02500 atr - scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00142G00690 atr - scaffold00142 coding
ATR_00170G00060 atr - scaffold00170 coding
ATR_00023G00730 atr + scaffold00023 coding
ATR_00035G00630 atr - scaffold00035 coding
ATR_00022G00310 atr + scaffold00022 coding
ATR_00029G02440 atr - scaffold00029 coding
ATR_00017G02650 atr - scaffold00017 coding
ATR_00066G02740 atr + scaffold00066 coding
ATR_00010G04470 atr + scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00105G00590 atr + scaffold00105 coding
ATR_00009G02640 atr + scaffold00009 coding
ATR_00009G03530 atr - scaffold00009 coding
ATR_00459G00020 atr + scaffold00459 coding
ATR_00175G00230 atr + scaffold00175 coding

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