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gene_id species strand chr type
EG0008G04940 egr - scaffold_8 coding
FV2G17510 fve + LG2 coding
FV2G38950 fve - LG2 coding
FV4G24740 fve + LG4 coding
GM05G26790 gma + Gm05 coding
GM08G01240 gma + Gm08 coding
GM08G09780 gma + Gm08 coding
GM04G02860 gma - Gm04 coding
GM05G38430 gma - Gm05 coding
GM07G12150 gma - Gm07 coding
GM07G12160 gma - Gm07 coding
GM09G30050 gma + Gm09 coding
GM09G30040 gma + Gm09 coding
GM06G02880 gma - Gm06 coding
GR02G17120 gra + Chr02 coding
GR02G12490 gra - Chr02 coding
GR04G18100 gra + Chr04 coding
GR12G18320 gra + Chr12 coding
GR12G18310 gra - Chr12 coding
GR08G22230 gra + Chr08 coding

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