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gene_id species strand chr type
BR04G11840 bra - A04 coding
BR09G39850 bra - A09 coding
BR08G27340 bra - A08 coding
BR06G10200 bra + A06 coding
BR08G20190 bra + A08 coding
BR02G18860 bra - A02 coding
BR04G01590 bra + A04 coding
BR01G00160 bra - A01 coding
BR09G48060 bra - A09 coding
BR03G17450 bra + A03 coding
BR06G39610 bra + A06 coding
BR07G16460 bra - A07 coding
BV0G53250 bvu - 0330.scaffold00818 coding
BV0G27570 bvu - 0114.scaffold00376 coding
BV1G07050 bvu + Bvchr1.sca001 coding
BV5G18490 bvu + Bvchr5.sca008 coding
CL02G04710 cla - Chr2 coding
CL01G06610 cla - Chr1 coding
CL01G06600 cla - Chr1 coding
CL08G14210 cla - Chr8 coding

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