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gene_id species strand chr type
FV7G36310 fve - LG7 coding
FV7G36340 fve - LG7 coding
FV5G33910 fve - LG5 coding
FV2G23780 fve - LG2 coding
FV2G17100 fve + LG2 coding
GM12G12915 gma + Gm12 coding
GM12G13020 gma - Gm12 coding
GM13G07550 gma + Gm13 coding
GM18G49230 gma - Gm18 coding
GM18G49256 gma - Gm18 coding
GM09G37430 gma + Gm09 coding
GM13G37180 gma + Gm13 coding
GM19G06160 gma + Gm19 coding
GM06G44640 gma - Gm06 coding
GM06G44600 gma + Gm06 coding
GM07G00220 gma + Gm07 coding
GM09G32890 gma - Gm09 coding
GR04G11480 gra + Chr04 coding
GR01G15500 gra + Chr01 coding
GR01G15490 gra + Chr01 coding

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