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gene_id species strand chr type
CS00016G00350 csi + scaffold00016 coding
CS00044G00190 csi - scaffold00044 coding
CS00022G01880 csi - scaffold00022 coding
CS00020G00730 csi + scaffold00020 coding
CS00025G00420 csi + scaffold00025 coding
EG0002G13230 egr + scaffold_2 coding
EG0002G07080 egr - scaffold_2 coding
EG0010G09910 egr + scaffold_10 coding
EG0008G31670 egr + scaffold_8 coding
EG0007G22130 egr - scaffold_7 coding
EG0011G18740 egr - scaffold_11 coding
EG0008G13150 egr - scaffold_8 coding
EG0002G19900 egr + scaffold_2 coding
EG0002G01790 egr + scaffold_2 coding
EG0011G23290 egr + scaffold_11 coding
EG0003G30980 egr + scaffold_3 coding
FV4G13400 fve + LG4 coding
FV0G45010 fve - scf0513126 coding
FV0G45140 fve + scf0513126 coding
FV2G36670 fve - LG2 coding

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