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gene_id species strand chr type
CL09G20830 cla + Chr9 coding
CL09G20810 cla + Chr9 coding
CM00053G00500 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00053 coding
CM00001G02120 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00001 coding
CM00079G00810 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00079 coding
CM00079G00800 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00079 coding
CM00026G01850 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00026 coding
CM00082G00770 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00082 coding
CM00089G01140 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00089 coding
CM00043G01050 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00043 coding
CM01595G00060 cme + CM3.5_scaffold01595 coding
CM01596G03530 cme - CM3.5_scaffold01596 coding
CP00053G00410 cpa + supercontig_53 coding
CP00009G01150 cpa - supercontig_9 coding
CP00016G01950 cpa + supercontig_16 coding
CP00081G00690 cpa + supercontig_81 coding
CP00081G00680 cpa + supercontig_81 coding
CP00023G00020 cpa + supercontig_23 coding
CP00030G00350 cpa - supercontig_30 coding
CR06G10080 cre - chromosome_6 coding

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