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gene_id species strand chr type
BV7G00900 bvu + Bvchr7.sca003 coding
BV7G00890 bvu - Bvchr7.sca003 coding
BV7G00880 bvu + Bvchr7.sca003 coding
BV7G00860 bvu - Bvchr7.sca003 coding
BV0G54120 bvu + 0031.scaffold00123 coding
BV2G14990 bvu + Bvchr2.sca006 coding
BV2G14960 bvu - Bvchr2.sca006 coding
BV5G03930 bvu - Bvchr5.sca023 coding
BV0G38090 bvu + Bvchr2_un.sca003 coding
BV8G09650 bvu + Bvchr8.sca002 coding
BV0G64340 bvu - Bvchr1_un.sca002 coding
CL06G07740 cla - Chr6 coding
CL02G21100 cla + Chr2 coding
CL04G10660 cla + Chr4 coding
CL09G06330 cla + Chr9 coding
CL06G17990 cla - Chr6 coding
CL05G18590 cla + Chr5 coding
CL11G18130 cla + Chr11 coding
CL00G06720 cla - Chr0 coding
CL09G20820 cla + Chr9 coding

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