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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00048G00670 atr - scaffold00048 coding
ATR_00136G00040 atr + scaffold00136 coding
ATR_00049G00600 atr + scaffold00049 coding
ATR_00048G00230 atr + scaffold00048 coding
ATR_00048G00220 atr - scaffold00048 coding
ATR_00004G00920 atr + scaffold00004 coding
ATR_00010G03210 atr + scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00010G01180 atr + scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00029G04270 atr + scaffold00029 coding
ATR_00040G00260 atr - scaffold00040 coding
ATR_00023G02250 atr - scaffold00023 coding
ATR_00085G00470 atr + scaffold00085 coding
ATR_00062G01360 atr - scaffold00062 coding
ATR_00022G01190 atr + scaffold00022 coding
ATR_00095G01120 atr - scaffold00095 coding
ATR_00017G01830 atr + scaffold00017 coding
ATR_00045G03000 atr - scaffold00045 coding
ATR_00004G01090 atr - scaffold00004 coding
ATR_00078G00230 atr - scaffold00078 coding
ATR_00099G01330 atr - scaffold00099 coding

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