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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00103G00200 atr - scaffold00103 coding
ATR_00019G00240 atr - scaffold00019 coding
ATR_00059G01090 atr - scaffold00059 coding
ATR_00260G00010 atr - scaffold00260 coding
ATR_00086G00560 atr + scaffold00086 coding
ATR_00043G00500 atr - scaffold00043 coding
ATR_00043G00490 atr + scaffold00043 coding
ATR_00043G00440 atr + scaffold00043 coding
ATR_00043G00450 atr - scaffold00043 coding
ATR_00713G00010 atr - scaffold00713 coding
ATR_00017G02730 atr + scaffold00017 coding
ATR_00133G00500 atr - scaffold00133 coding
ATR_00133G00510 atr - scaffold00133 coding
ATR_00032G02080 atr + scaffold00032 coding
ATR_00352G00010 atr - scaffold00352 coding
ATR_00352G00030 atr - scaffold00352 coding
ATR_00032G02230 atr + scaffold00032 coding
ATR_00011G01140 atr - scaffold00011 coding
ATR_00032G02210 atr - scaffold00032 coding
ATR_00044G00140 atr - scaffold00044 coding

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