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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00018G01670 atr - scaffold00018 coding
ATR_00193G00040 atr + scaffold00193 coding
ATR_00007G00990 atr + scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00040G01740 atr - scaffold00040 coding
ATR_00007G00980 atr + scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00007G00970 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00007G00960 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00224G00070 atr + scaffold00224 coding
ATR_00159G00100 atr - scaffold00159 coding
ATR_00224G00060 atr + scaffold00224 coding
ATR_00029G00790 atr + scaffold00029 coding
ATR_00095G00750 atr - scaffold00095 coding
ATR_00005G01800 atr + scaffold00005 coding
ATR_00024G02540 atr + scaffold00024 coding
ATR_00005G01760 atr + scaffold00005 coding
ATR_00042G00270 atr + scaffold00042 coding
ATR_00071G00690 atr + scaffold00071 coding
ATR_00099G00330 atr + scaffold00099 coding
ATR_00027G01590 atr + scaffold00027 coding
ATR_00027G01560 atr + scaffold00027 coding

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