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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR_00007G01020 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00007G01050 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00007G01040 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00069G00510 atr + scaffold00069 coding
ATR_00057G02150 atr - scaffold00057 coding
ATR_00167G00140 atr + scaffold00167 coding
ATR_00013G01880 atr - scaffold00013 coding
ATR_00017G00150 atr - scaffold00017 coding
ATR_00003G00850 atr + scaffold00003 coding
ATR_00003G02070 atr + scaffold00003 coding
ATR_00003G00840 atr + scaffold00003 coding
ATR_00008G01530 atr + scaffold00008 coding
ATR_00037G01320 atr + scaffold00037 coding
ATR_00022G03230 atr - scaffold00022 coding
ATR_00001G05620 atr + scaffold00001 coding
ATR_00053G00430 atr + scaffold00053 coding
ATR_00007G00950 atr - scaffold00007 coding
ATR_00010G01270 atr - scaffold00010 coding
ATR_00066G01210 atr + scaffold00066 coding
ATR_00041G02700 atr + scaffold00041 coding

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