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gene_id species strand chr type
CM00018G01840 cme - CM3.5_scaffold00018 coding
CM36221G00010 cme - CM3.5_contig36221 coding
CP00150G00450 cpa + supercontig_150 coding
CP40329G00010 cpa + contig_40329 coding
CP04996G00010 cpa - supercontig_4996 coding
CP00139G00260 cpa + supercontig_139 coding
CP00139G00270 cpa + supercontig_139 coding
CR13G02560 cre - chromosome_13 coding
CR13G01000 cre - chromosome_13 coding
CR02G11290 cre - chromosome_2 coding
CRU_001G39430 cru + scaffold_1 coding
CRU_003G14950 cru - scaffold_3 coding
CRU_004G00450 cru + scaffold_4 coding
CRU_002G02860 cru - scaffold_2 coding
CRU_002G26070 cru - scaffold_2 coding
CS00055G00080 csi + scaffold00055 coding
CS00258G00190 csi - scaffold00258 coding
CS00237G00220 csi - scaffold00237 coding
EG0007G12570 egr - scaffold_7 coding
EG0007G12510 egr - scaffold_7 coding

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