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gene_id species strand chr type
BR02G30620 bra - A02 coding
BR03G41720 bra + A03 coding
BR06G32010 bra + A06 coding
BR07G26380 bra + A07 coding
BR03G09930 bra - A03 coding
BR09G09410 bra - A09 coding
BR09G07230 bra + A09 coding
BR09G32620 bra + A09 coding
BR02G23040 bra + A02 coding
BR07G20000 bra - A07 coding
BR09G48230 bra + A09 coding
BR02G19910 bra + A02 coding
BR06G09970 bra - A06 coding
BR01G14660 bra - A01 coding
BR09G48050 bra - A09 coding
BR06G23280 bra + A06 coding
BR09G02820 bra - A09 coding
BV4G06920 bvu + Bvchr4.sca003 coding
BV0G24260 bvu - 0200.scaffold00561 coding
BV6G15700 bvu - Bvchr6.sca002 coding

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