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gene_id species strand chr type
PPE_004G17500 ppe + scaffold_4 coding
PT02G21920 ptr - Chr02 coding
PT06G24110 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT14G16090 ptr + Chr14 coding
PT18G03890 ptr - Chr18 coding
PT19G06120 ptr + Chr19 coding
PT14G09380 ptr + Chr14 coding
PT02G03170 ptr + Chr02 coding
RC29620G00060 rco - 29620 coding
SL01G095410 sly + ch01 coding
SL05G052180 sly - ch05 coding
SL05G050200 sly + ch05 coding
SL12G098350 sly - ch12 coding
ST05G024800 stu - chr05 coding
ST05G022490 stu + chr05 coding
ST12G030080 stu - chr12 coding
ST01G017060 stu + chr01 coding
ST12G008950 stu - chr12 coding
ST10G010000 stu - chr10 coding
ST01G032860 stu + chr01 coding

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