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gene_id species strand chr type
CRU_001G04360 cru - scaffold_1 coding
CRU_003G18410 cru + scaffold_3 coding
CS00002G02490 csi + scaffold00002 coding
CS00729G00080 csi + scaffold00729 coding
CS00065G00660 csi - scaffold00065 coding
CS00309G00010 csi + scaffold00309 coding
CS00001G03560 csi - scaffold00001 coding
CS10763G00010 csi - scaffold10763 coding
CS00001G02150 csi + scaffold00001 coding
CS00040G00560 csi - scaffold00040 coding
CS00001G02140 csi + scaffold00001 coding
CS00001G02130 csi + scaffold00001 coding
CS00040G00550 csi - scaffold00040 coding
CS00096G00290 csi - scaffold00096 coding
CS00096G00320 csi - scaffold00096 coding
CS00096G00310 csi - scaffold00096 coding
CS00096G00300 csi - scaffold00096 coding
CS00028G00300 csi + scaffold00028 coding
CS00105G00350 csi - scaffold00105 coding
CS00105G00340 csi - scaffold00105 coding

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