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gene_id species strand chr type
BR09G49590 bra - A09 coding
BR09G49600 bra - A09 coding
BR07G21290 bra + A07 coding
BR07G28770 bra - A07 coding
BR06G08410 bra - A06 coding
BR07G17780 bra + A07 coding
BR09G53090 bra + A09 coding
BR10G20030 bra - A10 coding
BR10G06190 bra + A10 coding
BR10G02310 bra + A10 coding
BR07G34870 bra - A07 coding
BR07G22950 bra - A07 coding
BR03G54060 bra - A03 coding
BR08G26370 bra - A08 coding
BR03G35920 bra - A03 coding
BR01G03960 bra + A01 coding
BR02G07140 bra + A02 coding
BR08G14090 bra + A08 coding
BR07G25140 bra + A07 coding
BV7G17310 bvu + Bvchr7.sca016 coding

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