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gene_id species strand chr type
CRU_003G06630 cru - scaffold_3 coding
CRU_008G16740 cru + scaffold_8 coding
CRU_007G23030 cru - scaffold_7 coding
CRU_003G10570 cru - scaffold_3 coding
CRU_003G12390 cru - scaffold_3 coding
CRU_007G09450 cru + scaffold_7 coding
CRU_007G08860 cru - scaffold_7 coding
CRU_007G06290 cru + scaffold_7 coding
CRU_005G19290 cru + scaffold_5 coding
CS00053G00480 csi - scaffold00053 coding
CS00328G00210 csi + scaffold00328 coding
CS00123G00210 csi + scaffold00123 coding
CS00236G00080 csi - scaffold00236 coding
CS00098G00210 csi + scaffold00098 coding
CS00106G00310 csi + scaffold00106 coding
CS00100G00080 csi + scaffold00100 coding
CS08021G00010 csi - scaffold08021 coding
CS00057G00200 csi - scaffold00057 coding
CS07474G00010 csi - scaffold07474 coding
EG0009G21200 egr + scaffold_9 coding

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