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gene_id species strand chr type
TP3G11700 tpa - ch3-1 coding
TP3G06340 tpa - ch3-1 coding
TP6G18450 tpa + ch6-6 coding
TP3G09940 tpa - ch3-1 coding
TP7G31500 tpa - ch7-5 coding
TP0G01460 tpa + un1483 coding
VV12G05910 vvi - chr12 coding
VV14G08660 vvi + chr14 coding
VV00G15770 vvi - chrUn coding
VV15G02850 vvi - chr15 coding
VV03G09150 vvi + chr3 coding
VV06G10010 vvi - chr6 coding
VV06G07670 vvi - chr6 coding
VV00G20880 vvi - chrUn coding
VV00G10480 vvi + chrUn coding
VV16G01380 vvi + chr16 coding
VV04G09880 vvi - chr4 coding
VV11G04050 vvi - chr11 coding
VV00G24940 vvi - chr7_random coding
ZM05G18780 zma - 5 coding

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