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gene_id species strand chr type
PPE_001G07600 ppe - scaffold_1 coding
PPE_001G07720 ppe + scaffold_1 coding
PPE_008G20810 ppe + scaffold_8 coding
PPE_005G07680 ppe + scaffold_5 coding
PPE_004G14740 ppe + scaffold_4 coding
PPE_004G13480 ppe + scaffold_4 coding
PPE_008G06500 ppe - scaffold_8 coding
PT09G08430 ptr - Chr09 coding
PT00G03500 ptr + scaffold_252 coding
PT18G07000 ptr + Chr18 coding
PT17G02880 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT06G16600 ptr - Chr06 coding
PT01G28900 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT18G09060 ptr - Chr18 coding
PT18G09040 ptr - Chr18 coding
PT02G24970 ptr - Chr02 coding
PT03G22160 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT07G12980 ptr - Chr07 coding
PT06G08540 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT06G15390 ptr - Chr06 coding

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