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gene_id species strand chr type
MT7G016700 mtr + chr7 coding
MT7G016820 mtr + chr7 coding
MT7G016800 mtr + chr7 coding
MT7G016780 mtr + chr7 coding
MT3G086260 mtr + chr3 coding
MT5G007723 mtr + chr5 coding
MT5G007713 mtr + chr5 coding
MT5G007717 mtr + chr5 coding
MT5G007770 mtr + chr5 coding
MT5G007740 mtr + chr5 coding
MT5G007730 mtr + chr5 coding
MT5G007760 mtr + chr5 coding
MT7G084300 mtr - chr7 coding
MT1G098140 mtr + chr1 coding
MT3G083920 mtr - chr3 coding
MT3G083910 mtr - chr3 coding
MT4G078730 mtr + chr4 coding
MT4G075560 mtr - chr4 coding
MT2G058470 mtr - chr2 coding
MT7G113405 mtr - chr7 coding

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