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gene_id species strand chr type
MD00G111890 mdo - MDC004766.535 coding
MD00G111870 mdo + MDC004766.506 coding
MD00G258370 mdo - MDC011072.389 coding
MD00G228530 mdo - MDC009910.228 coding
ME01407G00020 mes - scaffold01407 coding
ME01407G00010 mes - scaffold01407 coding
ME07378G00040 mes - scaffold07378 coding
ME03252G00210 mes - scaffold03252 coding
ME02688G00220 mes - scaffold02688 coding
ME03188G00040 mes - scaffold03188 coding
ME09526G00010 mes + scaffold09526 coding
ME04450G00350 mes + scaffold04450 coding
ME05432G00390 mes - scaffold05432 coding
ME02421G00300 mes + scaffold02421 coding
ME03112G00010 mes + scaffold03112 coding
MT3G088670 mtr - chr3 coding
MT3G088675 mtr - chr3 coding
MT1G097910 mtr + chr1 coding
MT1G097935 mtr + chr1 coding
MT7G016720 mtr - chr7 coding

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