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gene_id species strand chr type
GM01G43880 gma + Gm01 coding
GM01G22880 gma - Gm01 coding
GR04G16500 gra + Chr04 coding
GR11G16120 gra - Chr11 coding
GR11G16130 gra - Chr11 coding
GR05G03510 gra - Chr05 coding
GR09G25200 gra + Chr09 coding
GR09G25210 gra + Chr09 coding
GR09G25090 gra + Chr09 coding
GR08G03330 gra + Chr08 coding
GR09G33930 gra - Chr09 coding
GR06G00020 gra - Chr06 coding
LJ4G040350 lja - chr4 coding
LJ2G037760 lja - chr2 coding
LJ2G037340 lja + chr2 coding
LJ2G037370 lja + chr2 coding
LJ2G037800 lja - chr2 coding
LJ2G037810 lja - chr2 coding
LJ2G037910 lja + chr2 coding
LJ3G008820 lja - chr3 coding

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