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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00020G01380 ppa - scaffold_20 coding
PP00425G00040 ppa - scaffold_425 coding
PP00020G01420 ppa - scaffold_20 coding
PP00304G00330 ppa - scaffold_304 coding
PP00500G00010 ppa - scaffold_500 coding
PP00228G00140 ppa - scaffold_228 coding
PP00016G01990 ppa + scaffold_16 coding
PP00025G01780 ppa + scaffold_25 coding
PP00025G01790 ppa - scaffold_25 coding
PP00034G01170 ppa + scaffold_34 coding
PP00303G00010 ppa - scaffold_303 coding
PP00303G00020 ppa + scaffold_303 coding
PP00426G00300 ppa - scaffold_426 coding
PP00365G00060 ppa - scaffold_365 coding
PP00365G00070 ppa + scaffold_365 coding
PP00039G01580 ppa - scaffold_39 coding
PP00061G00300 ppa - scaffold_61 coding
PP00022G00030 ppa + scaffold_22 coding
PPE_004G26050 ppe - scaffold_4 coding
PPE_002G12670 ppe + scaffold_2 coding

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