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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EG0008G02150 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G18870 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G21640 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G22700 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G23870 egr + scaffold_8 No
EG0010G16270 egr - scaffold_10 No
EG0010G27150 egr - scaffold_10 No
EG0011G19750 egr - scaffold_11 No
EG0012G00150 egr - scaffold_12 No
EG0165G00010 egr - scaffold_165 No
EG0382G00020 egr - scaffold_382 No
EG0519G00010 egr - scaffold_519 No
EG0760G00010 egr - scaffold_760 No
EG1050G00010 egr - scaffold_1050 No
LJ2G034180 lja + chr2 No
RC29950G00400 rco + 29950 No

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