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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP00006G03920 cpa + supercontig_6 No
CP00008G00620 cpa - supercontig_8 No
CP00026G02350 cpa + supercontig_26 No
CP00087G00830 cpa + supercontig_87 No
CRU_002G21750 cru - scaffold_2 No
CRU_007G18410 cru - scaffold_7 No
CS00002G06250 csi - scaffold00002 No
CS00006G02510 csi + scaffold00006 No
CS00006G02520 csi + scaffold00006 No
CS00007G02940 csi + scaffold00007 No
CS00023G01420 csi + scaffold00023 No
CS00121G00230 csi + scaffold00121 No
EG0001G09000 egr - scaffold_1 No
EG0002G29860 egr + scaffold_2 No
EG0004G10800 egr + scaffold_4 No
EG0006G13940 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G30150 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0008G16480 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0009G07630 egr + scaffold_9 No
EG0009G07650 egr + scaffold_9 No

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