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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PPE_004G26320 ppe + scaffold_4 No
PPE_006G19840 ppe - scaffold_6 No
PPE_006G32290 ppe + scaffold_6 No
PPE_007G07070 ppe + scaffold_7 No
PPE_007G07090 ppe + scaffold_7 No
PPE_008G08200 ppe + scaffold_8 No
PPE_008G08240 ppe + scaffold_8 No
PT01G25580 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G25590 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G31130 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G31150 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G31220 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G31230 ptr + Chr01 No
PT05G07310 ptr + Chr05 No
PT09G05120 ptr + Chr09 No
PT09G05130 ptr + Chr09 No
PT16G05660 ptr - Chr16 No
PT16G05670 ptr - Chr16 No
PT17G05100 ptr + Chr17 No
PT17G05130 ptr + Chr17 No

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