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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EG0011G14470 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G14730 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G14790 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G16340 egr - scaffold_11 No
EG0011G16400 egr - scaffold_11 No
EG0011G19510 egr + scaffold_11 No
FV0G22250 fve + scf0513168 No
FV0G22270 fve + scf0513168 No
FV0G22280 fve + scf0513168 No
FV0G22360 fve - scf0513168 No
FV2G48630 fve - LG2 No
FV2G48680 fve + LG2 No
FV6G02280 fve + LG6 No
FV6G46130 fve - LG6 No
FV6G50910 fve - LG6 No
GM03G29150 gma + Gm03 No
GM03G29160 gma + Gm03 No
GM08G07530 gma + Gm08 No
GM08G07540 gma + Gm08 No
GM08G07550 gma + Gm08 No

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