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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CS00054G00170 csi - scaffold00054 No
CS00105G00310 csi + scaffold00105 No
CS00216G00080 csi - scaffold00216 No
CS00277G00020 csi + scaffold00277 No
CS09509G00010 csi + scaffold09509 No
CS11145G00010 csi - scaffold11145 No
EG0007G11300 egr + scaffold_7 No
EG0008G05810 egr + scaffold_8 No
EG0009G04170 egr + scaffold_9 No
EG0009G04190 egr - scaffold_9 No
EG0009G04200 egr + scaffold_9 No
EG0009G04210 egr - scaffold_9 No
EG0009G22250 egr + scaffold_9 No
EG0009G22260 egr + scaffold_9 No
EG0009G22270 egr + scaffold_9 No
EG0010G06530 egr + scaffold_10 No
EG0010G06540 egr + scaffold_10 No
EG0011G14380 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G14400 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G14440 egr + scaffold_11 No

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