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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BV4G13260 bvu - Bvchr4.sca001 No
BV6G12770 bvu + Bvchr6.sca004 No
BV8G13820 bvu - Bvchr8.sca013 No
BV9G03570 bvu + Bvchr9.sca025 No
BV9G03610 bvu + Bvchr9.sca025 No
CL01G09260 cla + Chr1 No
CL02G23090 cla + Chr2 No
CL02G23100 cla + Chr2 No
CM00001G02850 cme + CM3.5_scaffold00001 No
CP00042G00270 cpa + supercontig_42 No
CP00084G00290 cpa + supercontig_84 No
CP00084G00310 cpa + supercontig_84 No
CP01135G00010 cpa - supercontig_1135 No
CP01340G00010 cpa + supercontig_1340 No
CR02G06300 cre + chromosome_2 No
CRU_001G16790 cru + scaffold_1 No
CRU_001G38430 cru - scaffold_1 No
CRU_001G38450 cru - scaffold_1 No
CRU_003G20010 cru - scaffold_3 No
CS00054G00160 csi - scaffold00054 No

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