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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EG0006G36340 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36380 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36410 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36440 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0140G00010 egr + scaffold_140 No
EG0140G00030 egr + scaffold_140 No
EG0140G00050 egr + scaffold_140 No
EG0194G00010 egr + scaffold_194 No
EG0194G00030 egr + scaffold_194 No
EG0298G00020 egr - scaffold_298 No
EG0380G00020 egr - scaffold_380 No
EG0380G00030 egr - scaffold_380 No
EG0601G00010 egr + scaffold_601 No
EG1064G00020 egr - scaffold_1064 No
EG1224G00010 egr + scaffold_1224 No
EG1654G00010 egr + scaffold_1654 No
EG4735G00010 egr - scaffold_4735 No
FV6G44190 fve - LG6 No
GM09G39410 gma - Gm09 No
GR02G01850 gra + Chr02 No

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