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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CS01130G00050 csi + scaffold01130 No
CS01177G00010 csi + scaffold01177 No
CS01216G00010 csi + scaffold01216 No
CS01242G00010 csi - scaffold01242 No
CS02344G00030 csi - scaffold02344 No
CS02404G00010 csi - scaffold02404 No
CS03718G00010 csi - scaffold03718 No
CS04365G00010 csi + scaffold04365 No
CS05216G00010 csi - scaffold05216 No
CS05299G00010 csi + scaffold05299 No
CS05772G00010 csi + scaffold05772 No
CS06042G00010 csi + scaffold06042 No
EG0002G02690 egr + scaffold_2 No
EG0002G02750 egr + scaffold_2 No
EG0006G35710 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G35730 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36140 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36160 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36170 egr - scaffold_6 No
EG0006G36200 egr - scaffold_6 No

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