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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CS00080G00440 csi + scaffold00080 No
CS00153G00030 csi - scaffold00153 No
CS00153G00070 csi - scaffold00153 No
CS00153G00080 csi - scaffold00153 No
CS00153G00250 csi + scaffold00153 No
CS00153G00350 csi + scaffold00153 No
CS00153G00380 csi + scaffold00153 No
CS00153G00390 csi + scaffold00153 No
CS00164G00040 csi + scaffold00164 No
CS00164G00050 csi + scaffold00164 No
CS00164G00070 csi + scaffold00164 No
CS00164G00080 csi + scaffold00164 No
CS00164G00130 csi - scaffold00164 No
CS00164G00160 csi - scaffold00164 No
CS00164G00190 csi - scaffold00164 No
CS00167G00200 csi + scaffold00167 No
CS00246G00090 csi - scaffold00246 No
CS00246G00100 csi - scaffold00246 No
CS00266G00180 csi - scaffold00266 No
CS00266G00190 csi - scaffold00266 No

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