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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EG0006G02740 egr + scaffold_6 No
EG0006G02750 egr + scaffold_6 No
EG0006G02760 egr + scaffold_6 No
EG0008G00430 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G00440 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G28650 egr + scaffold_8 No
EG0008G28670 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G28680 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0008G28700 egr - scaffold_8 No
EG0010G07710 egr + scaffold_10 No
EG0010G07720 egr + scaffold_10 No
EG0011G01600 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G01610 egr + scaffold_11 No
EG0011G16900 egr + scaffold_11 No
FV0G27760 fve + scf0513168 No
FV0G30830 fve - scf0513178 No
FV0G30850 fve + scf0513178 No
FV0G35250 fve + scf0513146 No
FV1G03540 fve - LG1 No
FV1G08290 fve + LG1 No

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