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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CS00068G00290 csi + scaffold00068 No
CS00182G00110 csi + scaffold00182 No
CS00224G00270 csi + scaffold00224 No
CS00224G00280 csi + scaffold00224 No
CS00224G00290 csi + scaffold00224 No
CS00394G00140 csi - scaffold00394 No
CS00394G00150 csi - scaffold00394 No
CS01274G00010 csi - scaffold01274 No
CS03116G00010 csi + scaffold03116 No
CS04893G00010 csi - scaffold04893 No
CS10873G00010 csi - scaffold10873 No
EG0001G24820 egr + scaffold_1 No
EG0002G09000 egr + scaffold_2 No
EG0002G09010 egr - scaffold_2 No
EG0002G18070 egr + scaffold_2 No
EG0003G29310 egr - scaffold_3 No
EG0003G31520 egr - scaffold_3 No
EG0004G05830 egr + scaffold_4 No
EG0005G04760 egr + scaffold_5 No
EG0005G28550 egr + scaffold_5 No

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