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gene_id species strand chr outlier
BR01G30190 bra + A01 No
BR01G30200 bra - A01 No
BR01G40470 bra + A01 No
BR02G33890 bra - A02 No
BR03G27450 bra + A03 No
BR03G30220 bra - A03 No
BR03G36110 bra + A03 No
BR03G40250 bra - A03 No
BR03G41060 bra - A03 No
BR05G23740 bra - A05 No
BR06G03080 bra - A06 No
BR06G07450 bra + A06 No
BR06G27060 bra + A06 No
BR06G27100 bra - A06 No
BR07G32310 bra - A07 No
BR08G08080 bra - A08 No
BR08G30270 bra - A08 No
BR09G00720 bra + A09 No
BR09G03500 bra - A09 No
BR09G08670 bra + A09 No

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