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gene_id species strand chr outlier
MT3G074320 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G074340 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G074370 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G074390 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G074400 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G074410 mtr + chr3 No
MT3G093010 mtr - chr3 No
MT3G093060 mtr + chr3 No
MT4G090600 mtr - chr4 No
MT4G091370 mtr + chr4 No
MT4G116770 mtr + chr4 No
MT4G116790 mtr + chr4 No
MT5G006070 mtr - chr5 No
MT5G041550 mtr - chr5 No
MT5G082540 mtr - chr5 No
MT5G094760 mtr - chr5 No
MT6G087040 mtr + chr6 No
MT6G088375 mtr + chr6 No
MT7G091690 mtr - chr7 No
MT8G102860 mtr - chr8 No

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